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  • How to clone an agent license and configuration from another server

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  1. Determine a server that has the same operating system, settings, and license as the target server.  We will call this the 'source server'.
  2. Install the Agent on the target server.  See  TBD!! Installing the Agent for operating system specific details.
  3. Copy the following files from the agent installation directory of the source server.  The bold items are the recommended minimum.
    1. sm.lic
    2. sm.conf
    3. conf.d
    4. sm.passwd
    5. hosts.allow
    6. site.env
    7. Any custom scanners that you may have developed (only you know where these are located)
  4. Restart the agent.  This may be required in order to enable any plugins in the new configuration
  5. Browse to the agent URL and verify that everything looks correct