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  • How to install the Respository on Oracle Express (XE) 11.2
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The following steps are for setting up Oracle Express (XE) 11.2 for use with the SiteMaestro Collector - assumes a username of SiteMaestro and password of 'sitemaestro'. In addition, the Oracle SYSTEM user password is assumed to be 'dba'. 
More Information on Oracle Express can be found at:

Product Limitations

  • Can only use 1GB memory
  • Database can only be 11GB max
  • Only uses the equivalent of 1 CPU if multi-cpu VM


The server's hostname (short and fully qualified domain name) must be in /etc/hosts. If is not set, then the Web Manaagement interface will not work correctly.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Install the collector (smr-server-4.0-linux), but skip the configuration step.
  2. Setup your environment (this is just to setup Oracle):

    $ source /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/xe/bin/
  3. Create SiteMaestro tablespaces (my password is 'dba', replace with what you picked when you configured Oracle). 

    Edit the "ora_ts.sql" script if you wish to change the location of the data files before running this step

    $ cd /opt/collector
    $ sqlplus system/dba
    SQL> start ora_ts
  4. Set passwords not to expire

    alter profile DEFAULT limit password_life_time UNLIMITED;
  5. Create 'sitemaestro' user (this can be whatever you wish)

    $ sqlplus system/dba
    SQL> create user sitemaestro identified by sitemaestro default tablespace sitemaestro_data;
    SQL> grant dba to sitemaestro
    SQL> exit
  6. Create schema (tables and indexes):

    $ cd /opt/collector
    $ sqlplus sitemaestro/sitemaestro
    SQL> start ora_schema
  7. Create views:

    $ cd /opt/collector
    $ sqlplus sitemaestro/sitemaestro
    SQL> start ora_views
  8. Create stored procedures:

    $ cd /opt/collector
    $ sqlplus sitemaestro/sitemaestro
    SQL> start ora_sf
  9. Configure the collector

    $ su -
    $ service smcollector stop
    # cd /opt/collector
    # ./
    SiteMaestro Repository
    Set Configuration
    Using: /bin/awk
    Using: /bin/echo
    The connection string can be in either TNS or EZConnect format
    TNS Format: user/password@tnsname
    EZConnect Format: user/password@//server[:port]/servicename
    Connect String [] > sitemaestro/sitemaestro@//localhost/xe
    Property [Repository.db1] 'connect_string' updated to 'sitemaestro/sitemaestro@//localhost/xe'
    Backup 'collector.conf' to 'collector.conf-upg'
    1 update(s)
    12/30/2011 16:35:25: Licensed to Customer (000-000-000-000) Exp=03/01/2012 (62 days)
    12/30/2011 16:35:25: Configuration: 12/30/2011 16:35:25, rev=1
    12/30/2011 16:35:25: Testing Repository 'Repository.db1'
    12/30/2011 16:35:26: [ConnectionTest] Connected to Oracle as sitemaestro@, SessID=110021
    12/30/2011 16:35:26: [ConnectionTest] Disconnected from Oracle
    Bind to Interface [ANY] > 
    Bind to Port [7777] >
    Only one Repository server should be set to purge data.
    Purge data with this server (y/n) [y] >
    Configuring /etc/init.d/smcollector..
    Property [Collector] 'interface' updated to ''
    Backup 'collector.conf' to 'collector.conf-upg'
    1 update(s)
    Property [Collector] 'port' updated to '7777'
    Backup 'collector.conf' to 'collector.conf-upg'
    1 update(s)
    Property [Purge.db1] 'enabled' updated to 'true'
    Backup 'collector.conf' to 'collector.conf-upg'
    1 update(s)
    Configuration Complete
    # service smcollector start